Two New Project Dwarfs Released!

heirloom tomato basket

12/13/2014 Project Dwarfs listed!

Sweet Scarlet Dwarf and Summer Sweet Gold.

“Thank you” to the project members for this opportunity and a special “thank you” to Bill Minkey for supplying the seeds for this release!

News about my 2014 season: Because of a labor shortage and a limited water supply during 2014, I decided to commit available resources to my “real” business of cut-flower production. Therefore, I won’t be introducing any new-to-me tomato varieties this season (other than the two Dwarf Project releases). However, I have relisted my favorite varieties, including most of the past New Dwarf Project releases, and this seed will remain viable for at least 3-4 more seasons. Thanks to all for your support, I hope to pursue my “hobby” again this coming growing season. Think rain! :)

Postage Note – Effective 1/1/2014: To keep from passing the upcoming January postage price increase to my customers, I will be  shipping orders of 6 packs of seeds (or greater) in bubble mailers but smaller orders will now be shipped in #10 envelops. Domestic orders over $25 are still shipped free of shipping/handling charges!

Cart errors – When you add items to your cart and then take a break (for over an hour), the items in your cart may be gone when you return to access the cart or to add more items. The cart may display cryptic php errors and might not clear properly with some browsers. If this happens, please refresh the page and the cart should reset to zero items. This problem is one I am working on, thank you for your understanding.

– I will continue to offer free shipping on all domestic orders over $25.00, and for international orders over $50.00. Domestic shipping charges for orders under $25.00 remains at $2.95, – All domestic orders of 4 or more packets will be shipped in bubble mailers. Shipping charges for all international orders (under $50.00) is $3.95 and will be shipped in one or more regular #10 envelops. If you prefer to have your international order shipped in a bubble mailer with a custom form please contact me before you order.

Except for seeds grown by my sister in Sacramento (thanks Marla!) and the seeds from the two new Dwarf Project releases, I grow and harvest all of my own seed at my farm in Bonsall, Ca (north of San Diego). I use the fermentation method of seed processing. I closely monitor and rogue seed plants suspected of systemic infections (i.e. fusarium). Many seed plants are isolated or bagged, but most are not, so expect a crossing percentage of ~5%. If you have questions about a specific variety please contact me.