Dwarf Kelly Green – $1.75Photo only

Dwarf Kelly Green

Photo only

approx. 15 seeds –

  • indeterminate, Dwarf –
  • regular leaf, rugose –
  • mid season –

Dwarf Kelly Green is one of the four 2012 releases developed by the Dwarf Tomato Project. These compact plants grow to 4.5 – 5 feet and produce a very good crop of small-to-medium sized, round, green tomatoes with very good flavor. Plants are exceptionally healthy and did very well here. As with all of the dwarf releases, make sure these plants are well staked, otherwise the heavy fruit production will topple the plants.

Dwarf Kelly Green is a product of the Dwarf Tomato Project, originating in the Sneezy family (Golden Dwarf Champion X Green Giant, cross made by Patrina in 2005). The tomato originated as a selection of Barossa Fest 2 (which was selected and named by Patrina), found and named by Craig in 2007 after Sue’s beloved uncle, Edward Kelly, who had recently passed away. Primary work on Dwarf Kelly Green was done by Craig, Patrina, and Michael Volk, with additional help from Lawrence Andris (Australia) and Sherry Long (Alaska). Ted Maiden did the finalizing work and seed propagation for release to Remy’s ‘The Sample Seed Shop”.For more information on the Dwarf Tomato Project check out the project’s site here or Craig’s site here.

Seed Source: The Sample Seed Shop 2012